• The Happiest I've Ever Been.

    Dear Jennifer,  Hey Beautiful, I just wanted to do something simple to say I love you and to put tha详情>>

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  • 女生写给男生的英文情书

    Cold here, icy cold there. You belong to neither, leaves have withered. Your face is pale and blue,详情>>

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  • To: Andrew ~ From: Jovia Dear Andrew,It's now been three yea

    To: Andrew ~ From: JoviaDear Andrew,It's now been three years of us just talking on phone. You promi详情>>

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  • 一封幽默的英文情书


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  • 追女孩英文情书之必杀五式

    一句粗心的话可能会引起冲突;一句残酷的话可能会毁灭一个生命;一句及时的话可能会减轻压力;一句示爱的话可能会给你永远的幸福。  一个广为流传的关于王详情>>

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  • 听上去很肉麻的英文情话

    1.If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.假如每次想详情>>

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  • 英文情书范文四则 幽默肉麻浪漫与欠扁的 带翻译

    肉麻无耻第一式:范文摘要:You’re the girl in my dream.你是我梦中的女孩.For years I had been searching for that perfect fa详情>>

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  • 战士的最后一封情书---最感人的情书


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  • Are you ok?

    I haven't heard from you.If you have, for a new environment? Whether have adapted without my love? W详情>>

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  • The most touching love letter in English

    Dear Wang little sister:From see you one eye, I shit love you.Your eyes close, I die; your eyes open详情>>

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  • Genuine Love

    Dear Ayo,Seriously, Babes, I love you because I have never been loved by anyone the way you love me.详情>>

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  • Dear Jarmar,

    Dear Shas,Exactly one year ago you were diagnosed with a form of cancer and all our dreams came dash详情>>

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  • My Vision Of You

    Dear Leann,I went to bed last night with a vision of you next to me. I slept like a baby all night,详情>>

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  • You Are My World

    Dear Bradley,If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautif详情>>

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  • Loving The Way You Love Me

    Dear Randy Bear,Having your love, has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never详情>>

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  • Love Comes In Many Ways

    Dear Annan,Never did I imagine that I would ever meet you, especially not in the form of a chat frie详情>>

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  • Though We're Apart

    Dear Frank,I love you from now until death do us part. Right now, you living so far away from me is详情>>

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  • Dont Give Up

    to: chelloh ~ from: richarddear chelloh,things are hard right now, and they seem to just be a big bl详情>>

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  • I Cant Stop Loving You

    Dear G.J.P.,Everyday, every moment that goes by I think of you. My brain tells me to give up, but my详情>>

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  • Love Of My Life

    dear malyce,you make me feel special, like i'm your one and only. you make me feel like i'm a star i详情>>

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